Friday, August 21, 2009

Orko Silver Chart August 21, 2009

Not much to say really.
The stock has been moving between a trading range of 0.60 and 0.70
I'm waiting for a close before 0.70 and preferably some news from Orko about their ongoing drilling program.

I just bought a couple of shares again at 0.65

They are at the moment doing their drilling at La Preciosa. Approximately 30.000 meters will be drilled between July and the end of this year.
They will be releasing results as soon as they get them so shareholders won't have to wait for the completion of the entire program before getting news.

For those not in the know, Orko isn't in this alone since they partnered up with Pan American Silver

Check their newsletter for more details.

I'm really excited to get these first results as soon as they are released since I reckon there's a lot of silver to be found at La Preciosa and teaming up with Pan American will not hurt the value of the stock in the long run.

Taken from their website :

On April 14th, 2009 Pan American Silver Corp. and Orko Silver announced that they have agreed to form a joint venture to develop the La Preciosa project. Pan American will contribute its demonstrated mine development expertise, as well as 100% of the funds necessary to develop and construct an operating mine, in consideration for a 55% interest in the joint venture. Orko Silver retains a 45% interest fully carried to production.
Key aspects to the joint venture and the development strategy for La Preciosa include:

* Pan American currently operates 7 primary silver mines
* Pan American has completed 3 successful mining project in the past 4 years
* Pan American will fast track the deposit to production
* Orko Silver retains a 45% fully carried interest to production
* No financing risk or further dilution for Orko Silver shareholders

Here's to the first results and may they return lots of grams of silver per ton.

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  1. Thanks for putting this site together. I will follow with interest as I am also an Orko Shareholder.

  2. No problem. Glad to have you and a warm welcome to you.
    If I may ask, are you a longtime shareholder? Still a buyer or just holder for now?

    I also placed a subscribe link on the top right, that way people can know when new content is posted.


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