Friday, January 15, 2010

TradersBonanza Up and Running!

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Hello fellow Orkonians. It has been since early January I made my last posting on this blog. If you have read my articles here then you will know that I indicated that there would be some changes coming.

Well, that time has come. I have not been sitting idle and doing nothing. I have been very busy working on my new privately hosted website. That I post this news now does not mean I am finished with the work but that I am now a little more satisfied with the progress I've made in getting all my articles in my new website.

It was a hell of a job and took me quite some time. Since I do everything by myself I have only time as a constraint. There is still lots of work to do but that can be done without to much bother to my new visitors.

So, if you see a website error, or some weird coded error message, that is just YeOldGoldNugget working and making the occasional mistake, from those I learn of course.

About the new website and about the old.

The old one, well, I just can't simply remove it from the I won't. I spend too much time working on it to just plainly delete it or cast away like an old rag. So NO. That will not happen. The blog and content will remain the way it is now with this article as...for now at least the last post.

Sounds sad no? Well, it isn't and you should not feel like this is the end of the book but merely the end of a chapter.

Now we get to the good stuff is what you need to think!

Orko Silver, well, that will surely remain my favorite. So, under the section 'Market Analysis' I will continue writing as you have known from me for the last 7 months since I've put this blog online.

A lot has happened in those 7 months, I started with one blog and ended up maintaining and writing for three ;-)

Now, I have partnered up with my contact and friend who already was doing the gold and stocks blog.

All content from the three blogs has thus been exported to my new site. I still haven't had the time to go through every article and see if everything is showing alright but if you find some errors or bad html from the import then please do feel free to use my new contact form.

I have yet to write a privacy disclaimer but it should be obvious to everyone that I have taken every means to ensure ones privacy. So, don't let that fact discourage you :-)

So much to do still!

I would say, lets go take a look and see how I set everything up.

First you have to start by reading my new About Me. I've made some small changes but important you all read them. Transparency and all...

Another new thing is the categories for instance. This way I can better guide my readers to the stuff they want to read. I've also added a breadcrumb trail as a way of navigation.

The theme by hybrid is also improved and they have done a great job on this theme. Of course I've made several of my own adjustments but the basis is by hybrid.

Whats more...oh is now possible for me to let other authors submit or write articles for my new website. I can assign users who can write articles in their own desired category.

So if anyone is interested in having their work published on my new website and they know a thing or two about the markets...then...please do drop me a line and maybe you can be my first new author.

There is still so much to do and I have so many plans so 2010 will be a year where YeOldGoldNugget starts up his new website. Like a stock and the stock market, get in while its low :-)

Hope to see you all there...

That leaves me to wish you all a very warm welcome there and may all the companies you're invested in find Bonanza-grade resources :-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 2009 Small Silver Sweepstakes (Incakola News)

The following article was done by Otto Rock from Incakolanews who has written up a roundup of his 2009 silver sweepstakes. Have a read through his article to see who came out on top :

Yes indeed, 2009 is all over and so the results are in on our tracking of best small silver mining company in 2009. Here's the chart:
click to enlarge

2009 Silver Sweepstakes
  • And the winner is....ENDEAVOUR SILVER (! Congrats guys on a great achievement and a 230% gain in 2009.
  • An excellent second place (silver medal...geddit?) goes to my personal favourite silver miner, Fortuna Silver (FVI.v). You guys should be proud of yourselves, too.
  • The honour of third is won by Great Panther Resources ( Maybe not my number one personal pick, but there's no knocking success. Well done indeed.
YeOldGoldNugget : You can read the rest of his article on Incakola's blog. Also as a little side note. From the last Great Panther news release which you can find by clicking here we know that Great Panther Resources has changed effective as of January 1, 2010 to Great Panther Silver. As you can see on the right side, I've also placed a new Great Panther Silver banner on my blog.

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