Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Wishes and on to a Bright New Year!

Our Tiny Precious little Blue Orb We call Earth!We are at the end and at the start of a year. At the end of the old and at the start of the new. True, it is but a mere number 2009, 2010....but it will have a different meaning to each and everyone of us.

Some will use it as a means of closure. In with the new, out with the old, like that sort off thing. Whatever works for you I say stick with it or improve on it. Why change a winning plan right? Why continue with a losing one?

There will even be some who view this event as our tiny blue orb having completed another orbit around our sun on that 365 day lasting journey. Some of my readers will now be enjoying the winter while others will be enjoying the summertime...all based on how far ahead our Earth is in its sidereal year and where we are on this hemisphere, Northern, Southern or somewhere in between.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, just make sure whatever you do is done with passion and compassion. Those who enjoy the work they do have the pleasure of referring to it as being a hobby instead of it merely being work.

To me, well, I like trading, I like the markets, I like the excitement, I even like the disappointments from time to time which are ideal to keep one on its toes and with that also still on the edge.

This year has been a very turbulent one for most investors and probably also for most of my readers in varying ways like with work, their financial portfolio, incurred losses, stock market, shares in the red,...I do hope however that one learns from ones mistakes and hopefully in future tries not to learn from ones mistakes but learns from other peoples mistakes. That is a big difference. Trust me!

Also, most of my regular readers will have noticed I have been busy working on the styling of the website. Some are minor styling details like the styling on my posted images, the rounded corners, minor styling in the widgets and some are bigger changes. The bigger changes include the header which was formerly 'Orko Silver Corp. Blog Spot' and has now changed to YeOldGoldNugget's Blog Spot. Also, my YeOldGoldNugget's Stock Picks blog has been restyled with the current style of this blog.

There will however be no change in me doing updates on Orko Silver Corp. but since I also on occasion post other charts like silver, gold, HUI index, other juniors,...and more the name in the header just was too limiting. That's not saying the current name isn't but at least it defines that this is my own blog ;-)

More to come soon will be a custom and self styled header. Work is now in progress and I expect this work to be finished somewhere by February. I am always looking at improving my blog and will continue doing so in the new year.

Seasons Greetings Bar Silver - 2009 Copyright Northwest Territorial MintSo with that behind me there still remains for me to wish everyone a very GOOOOD and VERY prosperous New Year!

To all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting on various places and through various means.

To all my contacts from Stock-house and other forums, thank you for your input, your conversations, your explanations, your comments and your personal views. Truly appreciated and a very warm and heartfelt thanks for that.

To the management, investor relation agents and personnel of Orko Silver Corp., Pan American Silver Corp., Orex Minerals Inc., Great Panther Resources, Impact Silver Corp., Mexivada Mining Corp., Arian Silver Corporation, and basically all other junior-mid-senior Explorers / Developers / Producers. May 2010 bring more shareholder and company value! May the veins be great, long and thick!

To all the other commodity authors, technical analysts, bloggers, financial writers, silverbugs, goldbugs, oil-diggers out there who zealously churn out daily updates on the markets. My hat off to you all!

And most important to all my readers from all the different places in the world! Thank you for your visits, thanks for sticking with me and for riding this Orko Silver Train of ours to production!

Visits mapped on Earth Country map
Looking at my visitor map though I immediately see I need to re-tighten my advertising campaigns to try to strengthen my new visits from some of the following regions which are now still missing :
  1. Afghanistan
  2. 90% of the African continent
  3. Greenland
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Iceland
  6. Some South American countries
  7. ...

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