Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Orko Silver Chart October 13, 2009

Orko Silver Daily Chart
Orko Silver Chart October 13, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - Orko Silver Corp. Trend Analysis.

As you can see on the chart the rally in silver started October the 5th and saw us go from a low of 16.11 to a high of 16.91, then to 17.40 and from there to 17.88.
It then went a bit sideways with each day since October the 7th making one or more runs at the 18.00 mark. Each and every day since then.

As you can see on the chart, or can't see, sorry about that, noticed it after I already edited it that the cursor was left on the Doji. Oh well, its there, believe me. But as indicated from earlier February this year there also was a Doji in an ongoing uptrend. So with all basic fundamentals in order I am gladly willing to concede to the fact that this indecisiveness is just a small pondering on prices and to be more specific as to where these prices will go...20 or 25 this time.

All in all, these eyes are looking at a bullish chart.

Next I've added the Kitco Silver chart cause that will show you the dip which...coincidentally again starts in NYMEX trading and pulls silver down to around 17.55 but that is quickly countered and silver was bought back up to above 17.80.

24 Hour Spot Silver Chart
24 Hour Spot Silver Chart
Chart is courtesy of Kitco.com

That dip coincided with some really poor start for Orko Silver this morning.

Orko Silver Daily Chart
Orko Silver Daily Chart
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

Well as you can see from the Kitco chart I had already figured we were gonna get some lower opening which in fact turned out to be the case since we opened at 0.91. Silver's pull-down in NYMEX didn't really help Orko's case as that saw us go to the low of the day which was 0.89 and also brought us in the red. Just for a while though cause again like I indicated before at High Noon, 12 AM sharp we were again brought back above 17.80 with silver. Like clockwork!

After seeing that the rest of the day was already written. The entire afternoon saw us trading higher, early on at 0.94 and also the high of the day of 0.97 a little before three o clock. We closed the day at 0.960 +0.060 (6.67%)

We again had some decent volume of shares traded which stands at about 450K which is pretty decent volume if I say so myself. MACD wise, the blue looks like its about to cross over the red line which is bullish and could be a sign of the next leg up.

For tomorrow I have no other option but to look at another up day or rather a higher close towards getting to and over 1.00.

All the best and check back cause I haven't quite finished all I was about to say but I will add some links later.

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