Saturday, October 24, 2009

Orko Silver Corp Survey October 23, 2009

SurveyHi, I'm working on adding a section to my blog where I will add investment highlights. This can be either research reports/analysts views/silverbugs/junior minersites/... on as to where they see Orko Silver Corp. going in the times ahead.

I have already found a couple and am working on putting them online but if any of my readers have any other links of interest I'd love to know about them. When I get the feeling I pretty much have all there is to be found and I've checked them all then I will publish them.

For the moment I am still in the process of emailing and asking the various institutes/funds whether their outlook on Orko Silver Corp. is still the same or if it has changed from their last reviews.

I also have some other work to do so my chart of the day will be posted later tonight.

So, if you have anything you think I should know, be sure to leave a comment. Thanks a bundle.

Have a great weekend all!


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