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Orko Silver Chart October 14, 2009

Orko Silver Daily Chart
Orko Silver Daily Chart October 14, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - Orko Silver Corp. Trend Analysis.

So, I suppose everybody has heard the news about Pan American Silver making a friendly take over bid for Aquiline Resources Inc.? So I guess I should start with that first.

Pan American Silver Corp. - Aquiline Resources Inc.A good place to start would be to first watch the following two news videos on Business News Network to let the news sink in:And then to read through the following PDF's from Pan American Silver :My opinion, indirectly great advertising for Orko Silver Corp. Investors see Aquiline rising, they see a larger producer doing a friendly takeover of another mid cap silver explorer. Pan American Silver is certainly making sure they will in the long run better benefit of this coming bull run in gold and silver. The deal with Orko Silver, a deal with Aquiline. I don't really think this is such a bad partner to have in these times.

So whether the rise in Orko Silver today and the deal of Pan American Silver with Aquiline have something to do with one and other...I'd bet ya!

Wow, what a day, what a day. We had some big buyer(s) today. Please do leave a comment on my blog will you, leaving your name and a number where I can reach you at:-)
But yeah, before it even was 10 AM we already had about 300K shares traded. Some solid action, that kinda sold the deal for me as to where we were gonna go today price wise. As if the opening of 0.97 didn't already reveal more than enough.

Then the stock did a short dance with the 0.97 which quickly got boring so to spice this one up it decided to make a run for the 1.00 and easily breaking that and putting a high of 1.04 on the boards a little after 12 o clock. The 1.00 was kept on the boards cause the rest of trading was with decent volumes keeping the price well above 1.00 and into a close of 1.01 +0.05 (5.21%)

So, that gives us a fairly good bottom around 0.95 when September 18 saw some decent volume of shares being bought around that average price. Now today again very decent volume around an average of lets say 1.00. All in all, good bottom here from which to built upon the coming days.

Since large buyers do not enter a stock to trade out the next day I'd say this is another holder so that means tomorrow will probably not see that much of profit taking before we head up to even higher ground.

Oh yeah, to those who after looking over the chart still have their hands raised I'd also like for them to leave a comment with their name and a number where I can reach you at...its -flogging some sense into- season you see and I'm in a very generous mood today. Normally, for a decent -flogging some sense into- I'd charge about 50 dollars an hour, but now, for those few I'd do it entirely for free just because I am really that nice of a guy and to sweeten this entire deal for you, I'd not only give you one hour, I'm gonna give you 2 whole hours for free!!

Now don't anybody ever say YeOldGoldNugget doesn't contribute to society!

US Dollar Daily Chart
US Dollar Daily Chart October 14,2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub - US Dollar Trend Analysis.

No, not the silver chart today but the US dollar chart. I think posting this chart saves me the work of posting either the gold or the silver one.

That definitely does NOT look good! This has to go further down before it can go up again. If a rally is to materialize from here I'd really like to know the reasons for that....and no that does not include any fairy tales coming from the media.

The dollar has lost another 0.578 cents today and now stands at 75.398 -0.578. Just a matter of time before the 75.00 is broken.

I am curious as to what tomorrows action in gold, silver and the US dollar will bring.

In the links of the day I've added another junior silver miner Excellon Resources Inc. (TSX: EXN) with some spectacular results who also happens to be in the same neck of the woods as Orko Silver is. Durango State, Mexico. That must be the same silver trend thats running through Orko's property. Check out the news release they sent out October the 6th.

3,293 g/t Ag. Today they expanded on those results. So, any doubts anyone should have about what's in the ground there in Mexico should really be wondering by now. The drilling program by Orko and Pan American Silver is vast enough and will last us through the year. Plenty of opportunity to add some decent resources to the list.

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  1. Buyer, if you're reading this. Buy some more shares please, Orko shareholders thank you ;-)


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